Project 2025 – Arche Musica receives the “Best Music Edition 2023” Award

The jury’s statement

“In 2019, a treasure was rediscovered in the music archive of the National Library of Israel in the city of Jerusalem: the “German-Jewish Songbook”, published by the Jewish cantor Abraham Zwi Idelsohn (1882-1938). The songbook is a unique work with a collection of 149 titles, the most popular Hebrew and German songs of the time.

Idelsohn’s innovative idea was to make the songbook bilingual and to notate the musical notation in the Hebrew part of the collection analogously to the Hebrew from right to left. Mrs. Gila Flam, the director of the Music Archives of the National Library of Israel, played a major role in the new edition of the German-Jewish Songbook published in 2022. She was instrumental in the transliteration of the texts and the transcription of the sheet music. The book is published by the project 2025 – Arche Musica with its project director Thomas Spindler.

The songbook is unique in its conception and nature worldwide, and it is important that this extraordinary collection of songs make its way back to choirs and school classes.”